Masarat Incorporated is the leading transportation provider specializing in liquid fuel & bulk cargo down to a small van delivering essential goods to our client’s throughout Iraq.

Masarat fully understand and focuses its operation to meet all contract requirements, despite the ever challenging work environment. We see ourselves as integral part of the customers’ team to ensure their success too.

We have provided transportation services as a major fuel transporter in support of SOMO & US Army in Iraq and continued to adapt our fleet and operating base to include over 150 tankers, 250 heavy flat-beds & low-beds to meet our client’s requirements.

Our strength is our management team that acquired intensive experience working in the logistics field, with The majority of experience coming from International consultants many of who have vast experience from past careers within the British Military and International Logistics companies.
This experience is hard to replicate and ensures a quick and efficient solution to our customers’ request, also having worked with SOMO-Iraq in the past in parallel with US Armed forces, many staff members understand the US government contract compliance requirements as well Iraqi government sector that will ensure correct actions is taken during contract performance.

Masarat is equally adept at operating in contingency and sustainment operations. We are able to quickly ramp-up to support large contracts, shift transportation assets based on mission requirements, and fully support our customers as a valuable logistics partner.




Experienced in the field of private security companies experience the convergence of the nine years in Iraq. Acts as an importer and distributor of commercial vehicles five years ago in Basra, then volunteered as national security adviser in 2004 and there after a private security company owned and operated to support foreign companies operating in Iraq.

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