Masarat understands the future of trade and industry in Iraq. The influx of the Oil and Gas Industry combined with the on-going infrastructure improvements has produced a rich business environment with numerous opportunities and ventures.
Masarat has entered into a number of exciting Joint Ventures to ensure they can respond to, and with, client requirements.

  1. JV with SRS Sabah Al-Rafidin Co – A reputable locally owned Private Security Company specializing in PSD, CET and Static facility security. SRS have the local knowledge and relationships juxtaposed with International Operational management. Combined they form a formidable ‘One stop shop’ for logistical movement and security provision. To date they have successfully moved millions of dollars of US Military equipment and provisions.
  2. JV with CEJ Global Services – A Security and Logistics Consultancy Company. CEJ has true international reach and experience in both Security and Logistical solutions. Managed by International experts the company has global credentials and bring gravitas and kudos to the partnership. The partnership brings the ability to ship goods from global locations with continuous ownership straight to sites and locations in Iraq.


Experienced in the field of private security companies experience the convergence of the nine years in Iraq. Acts as an importer and distributor of commercial vehicles five years ago in Basra, then volunteered as national security adviser in 2004 and there after a private security company owned and operated to support foreign companies operating in Iraq.

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