At Masarat, we believe training is empowerment for the employee. Through training we can best utilize our personnel’s skills, experience and abilities.
Masarat are going from strength to strength in educating our managers and workers. In recent months we have started to:

  1. Engaged International Partners to bring Global standards, procedures and certification to Masarat.
  2. Develop partnerships with educational institutes to produce bespoke training packages.
  3. Identify individual potential within the work-force

Masarat is committed to educating our work-force now and in the future.




Experienced in the field of private security companies experience the convergence of the nine years in Iraq. Acts as an importer and distributor of commercial vehicles five years ago in Basra, then volunteered as national security adviser in 2004 and there after a private security company owned and operated to support foreign companies operating in Iraq.

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