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  • Passionate, dedicated and a driven team of professional procurers, logisticians and strategists who together solve your problems today. At Masarat we have combined our extensive knowledge of the local market-place, environment and infrastructure with renowned International know-how and best practice. The synergy have placed Masarat in a winning position for the provision of core products and services. Whether sourced locally or from the global market Masarat guarantees a ‘one stop shop’ approach and an after sales service ‘second to none’.

    1. Logistics
    2. Construction
    3. General Trading
    4. Oil Services
    5. Marine Services   

    Iraq offers the perfect emerging market as years of neglect and conflict has reduced the infrastructure and normal processes. The region is ripe for reconstruction and regeneration.  The Oil and Gas Industry continues to grow as Iraqi Government Oil Ministry works towards it targets. The Oil revenue is injecting much need funding into municipal projects and larger scale national construction strategies. Foreign investment and retailers are viewing Iraq as an ideal market for expansion and development. The winning companies are utilising International experience and technologies to transform their profit margins and reputations. Masarat is one of those leading companies.

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    Experienced in the field of private security companies experience the convergence of the nine years in Iraq. Acts as an importer and distributor of commercial vehicles five years ago in Basra, then volunteered as national security adviser in 2004 and there after a private security company owned and operated to support foreign companies operating in Iraq.

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